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When deploying an e-procurement solution, a simple e-procurement project plan is all you need to get a customer up and running within a few weeks.

When most businesses are used to projects that last camp registration software months and thousands of man-hours, they are very skeptical when we come in with an efficient methodology for delivering our e-procurement solutions. After developing a tried and true methodology we typically see the same activities in all of our implementations whether they are large or small customers which set us apart from other service organizations

In order for this to happen, a strong buy-in from the executive and client teams to utilize existing functionality and change internal processes is highly encouraged. Setting this expectation at the kickoff meeting is best to ensure that change management issues are addressed early on.

The activities below are typical during each project regardless of the customer and cover 90% of the implementations we do.

  1. Create Production/Test environments with baseline configuration
  2. Schedule and conduct system administration training with system owner
  3. Load appropriate data into test and production environments
  4. Assist in workflow development
  5. Begin Catalog vendor enablement process
  6. Enable General Ledger Interface configuration
  7. Provide onsite or remote user training
  8. Provide Go Live support


  • Implementation Guide
  • Data Load templates
  • Access to test environment

Although not every project is exactly the same, most have common threads that are covered in our procurement project plan. The remaining 10% that is not covered, requires proper project management practices to ensure accurate delivery and execution. Our success rate for delivering online procurement gives us an edge over the traditional service organizations who want to camp out in your company. These traditional based groups can end up costing you a lot of time and money you could use elsewhere.