Want to Learn Muay Thai? How and Where to Learn Muay Thai in Thailand?

For people, especially foreigners who live in Thailand, Muay Thai is one of the signature sports in Thailand. And most of the people want to learn Muay Thai once in a lifetime. However, as Muay Thai is considered a high-intensity sport, people who want to learn Muay Thai need to prepare themselves in terms of their body, equipment, and their mind for this kind of boxing. So, here are tips for preparing yourself before taking Muay Thai classes.

Prepare Your Body

Like many kinds of sports in the world, you need to prepare your body before playing sports, especially for Muay Thai in which it will make you exert yourself. Because of that, you have to warm up your body to prevent you becoming too tired and injuring yourself. Also, you have to eat nutritious meals for your body, especially protein which is needed for repairing muscles in your body.

Prepare Clothings and Equipments for Muay Thai Classes

Before taking a Muay Thai class, you might consider buying clothes and equipment that suits you. And specifically, in the times we are currently facing COVID-19, sharing equipment for Muay Thai boxing with other people is considered a risk of getting infected by the disease although in Muay Thai academies there is equipment available for everyone. About your clothes, as you have to move your body while boxing, your clothes should be flexible enough to let you move flexibly. Here is the list of equipment for Muay Thai boxing: punching gloves, Muay Thai boxing pants, a sports mouthguard, boxing bandages, and shin guards for boxing.

Where to Learn Muay Thai Boxing

There are academies that teach Muay Thai for people around Thailand. And there are also the academies in Bangkok as well. So here are some of Muay Thai academies in Bangkok: Ratchadamnoen Singha Muay Thai Academy (RSM) at Thong Lor Soi 13, Bangkok, Fit Fac Muay Thai at Phra Ram 9, Sathorn, Ekkamai, Ratchapruek, Ploen Chit, and Taling Chan, Bangkok Fight Lab at Sukhumvit 69, and Lion’s Head Boxing Gym at Ramkhamhaeng Soi 18.

Not only Muay Thai provides you good health, but also provides you the ability to protect yourself from physical threats. However, you have to be careful while you are taking Muay Thai classes as it might make you injured. Speaking of your well-being, you might consider having insurance for expat health insurance Thailand. With health insurance, your medical expenses will be covered and you will not have to worry about it anymore