Unforgettable Drama Movies–An Impressive Movie for Everyone

Movies and theaters are still the main entertainment options for most people. In fact, drama and story telling are equally popular among adults. In earlier times, the most popular Shakespearean dramas was among a greater number of people. Nowadays, the entertainment business is much more advanced. Making movies is one way to make a living. You have to be creative and cater to the audience’s needs 링크사이트.

But movies can be broken down into two types. The former, commonly known as ‘art movie’, is based upon realistic character development and real life situations. These emotional themes are about drug addiction, corruption, war massacres, poverty, and alcoholism. These movies are special because they show the entire story in detail. It can also be based from social, cultural and political backgrounds. It generally focuses on the central theme and the plot of the whole storyline and does not focus on specific characters. Also, it often ends on a positive note and a moral. The Godfather (1972), The Shawshank Redemption (94) and The Schindler’s list (1993), are all well-known Drama Movies. These three epics have been admired for their fascinating plots and powerful emotional sequences. They also feature brilliant performances from the actors.

The Godfather’s classic style of directed, creative shot development, as well as the exceptional performances by Al Pacino (Marlon Brando) and James Caan make it a “masterpiece” for actors and directors. This film depicts the period between 1945 and 1956, which is still one of Europe’s darkest times. The movie also addresses the Corleone family of Italian-American criminals. The best part about the story is its development of the plot and the realistic environment that depicts the Italian American cultural scene. This film can be seen in three different series. They both depict the cultural history of America and Italy during this time. This film has been preserved in America’s National file registry. It is considered to be America’s second best film.

The Godfather was not the only movie that received high praises. The Shawshank Redemption’ and Schindler’s list were also praised for their incredible screenplays. The emotional shots are so powerful that they can bring tears to your eyes. They also leave a lasting impression in your mind. This film and the one that inspired it is unique. The Shawshank Redemption is the story a man who has been wrongly held for 20 years. The film depicts Andy Dufrane’s time in prison, as well as his relationship with Redding. It also shows his escape from prison. Contrary this, the ‘Schindler’s List’ film depicts how Jews were tortured after the Second World War. It depicts Oscar Schindler, an American who saves the lives a thousand Polish Jews. Other Drama Movies: Saving Private Ryan; Pulp Fiction; Dev D; Casablanca.