The Shoe Series Dress Shoes

Dress footwear can be used for casual and formal occasions and in heavy duty industries. These shoes look similar to the ones worn with suits but are equipped with extra features, such as steel toes and durable soles.

Dress shoes are reinforced in the exact same way that work boots. They look great with business casual clothing, suits, and dresses better than work boots. Dress shoes come in wingtip, loafer, and Oxford styles Dress Shoes.

Types and features

You can choose from two types of dress footwear: steel or slip-resistant. The first type has thick soles made of special rubber compound. The soles typically have tread designs. This allows the soles of these shoes to adhere to tiny treads on the floor and other slippery surfaces. The sole’s grid structure allows liquid flow below the shoes.

Dress shoes can be rated according to the impact they can withstand and their weight. Most shoes can support 75 lbs, 50 lbs falling weight.

Safety dress footwear is preferred by most people, as they can be worn in heavy industries. You must ensure that safety shoes you select are compliant with federal footwear standards if your work involves specific areas like construction, manufacturing, and refining.

Selection Criteria

Dress shoes must be tested and compliant to the American Society for Materials. Look for dress codes near the shoe’s lining or near its heels. These correspond to the law codes that adhere to fundamental standards. Choose shoes that provide protection from heat, cold shocks, punctures and punctures.

Dress shoes are snow- and waterproof. They can be washed by hand or machine. They are easy to clean and come with a range of patterns and colors. For the best shoe to fit your arch type, you can visit your nearest shoe shop and find an older pair.