Teens and Tweens: Girls’ Slumber Parties How They’ve Changed

Sleep-overs are a favorite for more than fifty years. The activities they offer have changed drastically. One thing that is the same is that nobody normally gets a rest. Parents today aren’t getting enough sleep, and are worried about what the teenage girls are doing Ccs teepees.

In the past fifty years, our parents could have concerned about smoking, loud music or maybe some wild women who snuck into a glass of wine. I’m wondering what kind of seances were held in the 60’s, with girls in a group as well as an Ouija board. The advent of technology has opened more possibilities for teens in the present. Parents must be aware of what’s happening in their home.

Rules should be established and followed. Your child must be participant in the rule-making process and comprehend why they should be observed.

Phones must be checked at the entry point. Place all phone in the basket, and inform the girls that they’ll be able to retrieve them in the future. It is important that parents know your contact number in the event in an emergency. The reason for taking the phone is easy. The girls aren’t at their homes, therefore they believe they can escape from your home. They might make unwanted calls throughout the night. Aged girls can be rude and make calls and harass girls who weren’t invited to the event.

Computers shouldn’t be permitted to be used at the time of the party. Don’t encourage these girls to chat via video or to sites that they shouldn’t be on. Check out your child’s Facebook buddies and read what they’re writing. You will be shocked.

Be aware of the games on video they’ll be playing. Games online can put you in trouble as well. Today’s children will not comprehend why you’re taking away their devices. As a responsible parent you need to be aware of their actions. There are plenty of fun activities girls can take part in that do not require phones or computers.

The day is spent at the Spa A day of facials, nail painting and makeup classes are enjoyable. Get hair spray gel, washable color pigments for hair experiments.

Music – Much like the sleepy parties of the past music is a necessity. It’s just different nowadays. It’s a good idea to be aware of the songs they play and to avoid songs with inappropriate lyrics.

Cooking Bake something easy, such as bars or cookies. It’s really surprising how many teenagers do not know how to use the kitchen. It might seem “lame” at first but they’ll be talking about it for hours. Have fun with them. Make them aware that food fights can be messy, and they’ll have to clean up after the mess.

Make your guests rock stars by singing the power of karaoke. If you don’t own one, they can be found at a number of rental stores. Video-tape them using the regular camera and view later. There are no YouTube posts. For their private viewing.

Making jewelry can be enjoyable as well. Go to your local craft shop for kits that include beads, strings and clasps.

There are numerous ways to enjoy old-fashioned fun without using texting or using the phone, chatting with others , or glancing at a laptop.