Roof Cleaning Safety Tips

The business of cleaning roofs has grown rapidly over the last couple of years, as homeowners become aware that the algae that clings to their roofs can be removed easily. This has attracted many small-scale business owners who see the potential for a profitable business. But, sometimes the desire to earn money could lead to unprofessional roof cleaning services that doesn’t have the right foundation to ensure safety operations and practices. The operators and owners should provide basic safety guidelines to the employees as well as themselves prior to they even step foot on the Roof Washing Albany Ny.

The most evident risk associated with cleaning your roof is the possibility of an unavoidable , or even fatal fall. Many people are mistakenly thinking that only roofs that have two stories pose a risk but there are many people killed or disabled by falling from single-story ranch roofs annually. In the event that you do fall to your head, you don’t require much height to cause disastrous consequences. The slope of a roof is particularly dangerous when cleaning is taking place due to the dangerous chemicals, hoses, and other pipes you’ll have to deal with.

To protect yourself from falling, you should wear a safety harness as often as feasible to construct the “safety net”. It is recommended to purchase roofing shoes designed to give you the best grip and resist fall. Personally, I suggest choosing those from the Cougar Paws brand. It is also suggested to hold the trigger gun in one hand, and hold the chemical line slacks in the other to ensure that you don’t slip over it. Also, make sure that you’re toward a forward movement and not in reverse. There are a couple of near-misses when going backwards, and falling over vent stacks as well as other obstructions to the roof. Make sure you’ve cleared the path dry enough to walk off the roof. Otherwise, you’ll be confronted with slippery chemicals as you attempt to walk down to the ladder and then climb it. You can spray the pathway with a chemical prior to your final exit.

The safety of your ladder is an issue that’s completely. It is recommended to utilize an equipment to stand off the ladder anytime. This is not only to protect your home’s gutters but also to help support the ladder during your descent and climb. Make sure that there is an aider on the end of the ladder in order to ensure that it’s stable while the ladder is being climbed. Additionally, you should extend the ladder three or four feet above the gutter to make it easier to hang it on the roof once the work is done. If you have the money consider purchasing ladders that aren’t wired with electricity. There are many roofers who have sustained injuries or had fatal injuries due to an accident with electric lines.

The most important issue is exposure to chemicals that are used for cleaning the roof. Whichever product or solution that you use, certain chemicals will get into contact with the mucous and skin membranes. Take precautions to prevent this. Wear goggles and a NIOSH-approved face mask, as well as high-quality gloves. I am aware roofing work can be very hot, but should it be possible it is best to wear a long-sleeved top and pants to protect your skin from chemical splash. In the event of a storm it’s nearly inevitable for the mist of chemical makes it’s way to your neck, ankles or ear and other parts of your body that are susceptible to damage so you must keep dry a towel or a rag to clean it off as essential. The last thing you must not do is allow the chemical stay on your skin for long periods. If the task is significant ensure that you break frequently so that you can go down and give your skin and face thoroughly cleanse using an outdoor water hose. Breaks are a good option since roof cleaning can be very hot and it’s important to replenish your body’s supply of water with cold frequently as it is possible. The final place you’d want to experience the heat is at least 40 feet above the ground on a roof with a slippery surface.