Research – Hair Extensions & Hair Replacement

The development of our lab and set up of the 4 research instruments assisted our organisation in pinpointing the major issues and finding the solutions for hair manufacturing and the upkeep of the hair.

We depend on science and generation to advance our organization and this lab helped execute our maximum vital goal, which is fixing the dilemmas of our enterprise.

The units supply us the information Microfibre di cheratina we require for all essential components of hair fiber research and assist us in developing hair care products and our production packages. Our corporation manufactures raw hair into finished hair extensions and bulk hair for wigs and hairpieces on-website online. Our research lab is a essential a part of developing every chemical and mechanical utility.

Olympus Microscope

Utilizing the Olympus Microscope with studies reveal allows us to observe hair fibers right down to a single cuticle.

With a visual image we are able to hit upon the hair’s situation and the outcomes of chemical procedures, deposits left by using hair care products and stresses introduced on by way of ordinary grooming.

With excessive magnification we can see proof of heavy chemical substances coating and blocking the cuticle layers, fractures and breaks resulting from chemicals and grooming and very importantly if the hair is Remy cuticle or cuticle stripped hair.

Moisture Content Analyzer

A Moisture Content Analyzer determines the impact of hair care products on the hair fiber before and after the take a look at. It may also locate the effects of heavy chemical processes. This device will detect the minimum point of moisture consistent with the most effectiveness of the chemical system.

Analyzes the moisture content of hair

Analyzes the moisture content of hair care merchandise

This was the number one units that helped us layout every of our Ionix conditioners. After making use of each conditioner pattern we measured and recorded the adjustments of moisture retention and the way the values could adjust while making use of the conditioners on virgin hair and cuticle processed hair.


A Tensiometer measures floor anxiety, floor power and phone attitude for hair care products. Shampoos, conditioners and other hair care merchandise are best powerful when the floor of the hair is receptive to the chemical ingredients.

Determines the level of equality among the hair fiber and the hair care product.

Measures the level of adhesion of products to the hair floor.

Evaluates the penetration charge of the hair care product to the hair fiber.

Detects the level of deposits left on the hair fiber.

When designing our Ionix hair care line we first diagnosed the floor electricity of each hair kind (cuticle processed, bleached, virgin). Cleaning and conditioning retailers were selected by measuring their floor anxiety and the way contact with the hair might result in advocated levels of deposits and effectiveness.

Tensile Strain tester

The custom-made Tensile Strain tester measures the electricity and elasticity of a unmarried hair fiber. Designed through JPL Labs our software program conducts a dry tensile analysis, moist tensile analysis and a submit yield evaluation.

The effects of these tests helped us design our cuticle processing and bleaching strategies by means of evaluating the hair’s electricity and elasticity. Often hair can also seem brilliant and soft however we ought to make certain it holds up to long term styling.