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The main direct income creating IVR Application is Voice Portal. I have posted with regards to involving IVRS as Voice Portal previously. There I attempted to clarify the general Voice Portal activity. Here I would attempt to examine about specialized difficulties of creating and running a voice gateway.

I would say, Voice Portal Application ought to be comprehensively partitioned into three undertakings.

1. Call Handling
In a voice entry, many calls land on the IVRS Application all the while. The quantity of calls all at once relies upon the quantity of voice assets equipment utilized. There are very few CTI cards which give high voice assets in a solitary board. Server PCs also have 3 or four PCI openings in particular. Thus, in a solitary server, one might not have exceptionally large number of voice assets. However there are different ways of interfacing voice assets between independent servers, one IVR application will deal with a Single Server as it were!

By and by I have dealt with one server ( IBM X3400) that has one Dialogic SPCI4 and two DNI2410 associated through CTI links. We have complete 480 Voice Resources and we have encountered 480 calls during Class X board assessment result. Also our server obediently crashed as well ! I actually don’t have the foggiest idea why it crashed because of CTI card disappointment, Dialogic HMP www.quickpayportal.com  Crash or Our IVR Application essentially crashed! A fast restart of the actual server was the speediest cure and furthermore calls started to diminish with time, yet this experience has constrained me remembering to deal with enormous number of calls without Server crashing or expecting to restart.

For any enormous voice entryway SS7 convention is awesome and most reasonable network with Switch. It gives numerous adaptabilities in the plan, engineering and versatility.

Along these lines, with the above encounters, I would say one should plan IVR Application in light of the accompanying places:

1. One cycle should just deal with one call.
2. This cycle should carry out just the call stream part and interface with Call related Messaging trade with CTI gadget driver. It ought to however give out periodical status and updates to another cycle which will record those refreshes.
3. Occasion Driven Designing may be preferred suggestion over simultaneous status driven plan.
4. Application ought to be worked with online investigate and checking office. .NET remoting is by all accounts a great choice. I have no clue in the event that there is any Linux Equivalent of .NET Remoting.
5. Movement Logging Facility ought to be there with another cycle. The call taking care of cycle ought not be given some other undertaking other than call taking care of. I have noticed serious issues happening with different undertakings like composition to circle, data set and so on which may crash the call taking care of cycle.

2. Data set Handling

Voice Portal Application creates colossal measure of data set records. Fundamentally separated from obligatory, CDR ( Call Data Record), it is normal that it records every single action by the guest. This produces thusly enormous records. Many individuals will more often than not disregard this during planning of Voice Portal and follow through on weighty cost later. What’s more these many individuals incorporates me without a doubt. All data set dealing with assignments ought to be given to devoted interaction whose sole action is to embed and get information by Call Handling Process.

My own inclination of information base is MySQL as it is free and MySQL 5.0 or more have truly cool elements! In any case, MS SQL is not difficult to introduce, learn and compartively bigger prepared labor accessible.