How the real world is different from Hustler University

Andrew Tate is the founder of both online programs, hustler University ( HU) and the real world ( TRW), in which the professor teaches how to make money online. Both programs are best fit for people who want to meet with like minded individuals.

The tate founder has a great plan for the programs. The plan often consists the three steps. Hustler university is a host on step 1, the real world is a host on step 2, and the third step is not revealed yet.

At we can not say that the hustler university or the real world program is the same. Both of the programs are different. Hence, the real world is a new update of HU.

The main difference between the TRW and HU

The major difference between the TRW and HU is based on its host. The Real world is a host on self reliant infrastructure, whereas the TRW is hosted on a discord private server.

  • The real world program is out from the matrix. The fact that the TRW looks like the HW has only come from the resistance to the cancellation policy if the users are not satisfied with the course or campuses.
  • The need for the real world program comes to launch when tate decides to take the hustler university come from discord, where they are currently run.
  • There are indications of HU that it will not be done away with because tate the real world is still developing and progressing.
  • The best thing is that the students of HU can get free access to the real world as long as they keep their subscription to HU active.

Campuses of HU, with an additional crypto campus in the real world

HU has come with a number of campuses, but crypto investing campuses are not added to it. But now, with the new program of Andrew Tate at, the real world is come with the same list of campuses of HU, with the additional cryptocurrency campus.

  1. Crypto campus

If you love to trade in cryptocurrencies, then the crypto campus of TRW online is perfect for you.

  1. Ecommerce campus

Ecommerce campuses allow you to get an understanding of the way to sell products efficiently on the internet.

  1. Affiliate programs

This program of TRW permits the users to make money online only by referring other people, like multi-level marketing businesses.

  1. Stock campus

The stock campus is suitable for investors who have interested to learn about the various trade options.