How Did Salama’s Vitiligo inspired her to create A Skincare Brand

Breast cancer, brain tumors colon cancer congenital heart disease arrhythmias in the heart. Being able to be invisible for just an hour a day would be pretty cool. I could then relax, sip my tea and chill.

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I didn’t keep in touch with my friends and didn’t get to spend sufficient time with family. If I can hear Khalifa as well as Abdulla calling me Mama It melts my heart.

Being diagnosed with vitiligo, a dermatological condition which causes loss of color in patches that can become larger as time passes – as a child, she has come to accept the skin condition. “It was a struggle growing up, when you feel you are different and don’t fit in it is easier to think there is something wrong with you,” she stated to EW. But, despite all the doubt, Salama has managed to overcome her struggles and take on the challenge of self-love. If I am able to push myself to the limit- and witness my children flourishing in school and my business growing and the results show, that’s the most satisfying part. When you put all your heart and soul into something and get it to the point where you’re not feeling like it’s a job , or a hobby. It’s more than that. It’s as if you’re having a 3rd child. Social influencer on the internet and Instagram model who is known for sharing images of beauty and lifestyle on her salama Mohamed verified account. She has amassed over 1.2 million fans on Instagram.

A Conversation with Salama Mohamed

Salama was also a part of editing the videos whenever Khalid required assistance. It took some time before Khalid met us and introduced our crew to wife Salama as well as his children, Khalifa as well as Abdullah. Salama continues to be a regular contributor to Khalid’s material.


Its Mugworth Clay Mask Cleanser acts as a mask for the face and cleanser. The Endless Purifying Toner combines facial essence and a toner. Mohamed is adamant about the moisturiser, saying the product “doesn’t leave you feeling like a glazed doughnut”. If you’re on Facebook, you’re likely already familiar by Salama Mohamed. There have been a lot of incredible moments in my life I’m unable to pick one!

The brand is exclusively available only at Sephora, Salama Mohamed has created an skincare line that’s specifically designed for skin that is sensitive and is made entirely by hand. It is a sustainable brand that is primarily focused on the needs of people with skin problems, Peacefull promises products with active ingredients, and is natural ingredients. The brand adapts in response to extreme temperatures in this region of the world, since it is a source of healing to help ensure that your skin stays at peace. Khalid Al Ameri is an Emirati YouTuber who became famous by posting videos regularly.

As an accomplished entrepreneur, Salama is also a loving mother to two sons. Her husband and she frequently have fun with their families and share photos on social media regularly and capturing their happy faces on camera while the family expresses affection and love. From founding an organic skincare brand to creating static content on a regular schedule, Salama Mohamed has made an impact on the world of content creation . She is able to continue inspiring her fans every day. Growing up, I was extremely fortunate as I had lovely and loving parents, as well as an incredibly loving family of brothers and sisters who helped me feel at ease in my self. Even had a close friend who loved to kiss my eyelids that is lighter than my face. She told me that it was her preferred place.

With Peacefull The last two years were an emotional rollercoaster. It had every up and down like you’d imagine, but witnessing the whole thing come together was one of the greatest moments of my life. It was the reason I felt everything was worth it. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that we can change people’s lives and , as their relationship with their skin gets stronger and stronger, knowing that we played some part in it. That’s why Peacefull exists, and why we be working to spread the message far and far and. In addition, my the whole of my life family is my primary motivator.

I’ve had vitiligo and sensitive skin since my early years and have always looked for skincare products that could help my skin get the nutrients it needs, but I couldn’t discover any that met the right level for my needs. Through my research I came across Korean skincare, and discovered the healing properties of active ingredients with the 10-step routine for skincare which I’ve never been back!

When it was time to launch Salama’s brand new product or discussing her skin condition, vitiligo. Khalid was there for her as her rock and made sure she was determined despite her circumstances. In the same way, when Khalid was working towards his love in storytelling and struggled to find a job Salama was there for him. He expressed his appreciation in a heartfelt note to his wife in the year last.