Gun Safe Cabinets – Recommendations on Locks and Locking Bolts

There are 12 criteria that buyers of gun safes must consider when purchasing gun cabinets. This article will focus on the five requirements regarding the locking bolts and the lock included in the design for the door cabinet lock manufacturers.

Dial locks, biometric or digital lock

At least two locking bolts for each of the gun safe cabinets’ four sides

Locking bolts that are made of steel that has been hardened and 1″to 1 1/2 “in diameter

Gun cabinets should be equipped with at least two bolts for locking on the hinge side of the door.

Gun cabinets should be equipped with an unlocker.

Gunsafe cabinets may come complete with combination locks and electronic locks, as well as fingerprint locks. Which one is better will be determined by the person you are communicating with at the moment. Although combination locks take longer to open than electronic locks, there are many people who believe that combination locks for gun safe cabinets to be more sturdy and less trouble-free than electronic locks. If using combination locks, users must ensure that they lock their gun safe cabinets by turning the handle, then working the handle.

A majority of people prefer digital locks as they are much quicker to open and are capable of closing locks instantly. While digital locks are easier to open, they also offer the added security of allowing the owner to change and set their own code. Digital locks are powered by batteries, and it is recommended that they are replaced every year. About eighty percent of the cabinets for gun safes that are available today are equipped using digital lock.

When you are deciding on gun cabinets make sure the door has at least at least two (2) lock bolts that are secured on the four sides of the safe. Cabinets for gun safes with hinges on their exteriors should have bolts for locking at both ends of the doors. If the cabinets are equipped with only bolts that are on the right side and the hinges have been removed the door to the safe is able to be removed. Avoid cabinets for gun safes that have bolts that are only on the three or one side. A total of eight (8) bolts for a door is sufficient provided they’re located on each of the doors’ four sides, made of hardened steel and have sufficient size. In general, the more bolts that lock, the greater the security . However anything greater than 12 (12) bolts not worth the price.

Although some gun safes have 9/16 inch diameter bolts , you should consider bolt diameters between 1.5″ or 1.5″. To make sure the safe stays secure during a burglary, ensure the safe is fitted with the Relocker. Relockers are intended to stop the bolt’s main work from retracting, or stop doors from being opened.

In the end the mechanism used to lock will depend on the preference of the buyer as every lock type has its advantages. The only thing that isn’t negotiable are the requirement that gun safes come with the relocker feature and minimal of 2 1-inch” or preferably 1.5″ locking bolts on the 4 sides.