Free Domain Name and Cheap Web Hosting Review

Your business is your lifeline. Thus, your web hosting company
is the heart of your business. However, some Internet Business
owners fail to recognize the difference between Business Web
Hosting and other, types of cheap web hosting. It is critical
that you, as a savvy Internet Entrepreneur, understand the
difference between the two. And there is a huge difference.

Your business requires Dmca ignore VPS certain things from a web hosting company
to remain up and running 24/7, and to continue to be profitable.
It needs a reliable host, enough bandwidth, and the ability to
expand as your business grows. Also critical to the success of your
business, it needs an email system that is both reliable, non-
restrictive and customer friendly. A free or cheap web hosting
company will not be able to offer you these features. You need
company specializing in Business Web Hosting.

You may have heard about the free web hosting offered by many
Internet Service Providers; many Internet Entrepreneurs even rely
on them. This is a huge mistake. Cheap web hosting
companies such as these are extremely limited as to what
features and what kind of service they can offer a serious
online business owner (you are serious, aren’t you?).

We’ve all seen some of the websites out there, the ones that
have family pictures, blogs, recipes, etc. These websites are
probably hosted by ISPs or cheap web hosting companies. Do you
want your business, your lifeblood to end up like this? Do you
even want your business in the same category? I didn’t think so.
This illustrates the difference between a Business Web Hosting
company and a cheap, fly by night or ISP web hosting company.
You must consider more than what the price of the web hosting
package may be. Remember, you really do get what you pay for.
In the realm of web hosting, cheap=cheap, in every sense of the

We won’t even discuss free web hosting in detail here. No
explanation is really needed (ever heard the expression, nothing in
life is free?). But in short, it is generally unreliable,
limited and probably will have you sharing IP addresses with
just about everyone, including the Spammers. Choosing a free or
cheap web host is a quick way to make your site both unreliable
and irrelevant (due to lack of bandwidth and the number of
websites being hosted), not to mention appearing unreliable,
unappealing and unprofessional to visitors.

Additionally, with a free web hosting company, you will probably
use the web host’s domain name. As a serious business
professional, you need your own domain and you need business
web hosting.

A business web hosting company will have fast servers, adequate
disk space and will be able to offer you lots of options in web
hosting packages. Generally, business web hosting companies are
able to grow with your business, give you advice and form a long-
term relationship. A business web hosting company will make sure
that you are a satisfied customer. You wont be just a number to
them. They have a vested interest in providing your business with
superior customer service. Cheap or free web hosting companies
simply don’t do this. They don¡¯t have any motivation. After all, it’s
cheap or free!

Business web hosting companies also have something that the
free or cheap web hosting companies don¡¯t have and something
that is most often overlooked. They have the ability to offer you a
dedicated IP address. Having a dedicated IP address means that
your website is not sharing an IP address with anyone else. Why
is this important? Assume that a web hosting company has an IP
address that has 1000’s of websites sharing it along with yours.
One of these sites happens to be a Spammer (and it only
takesone). The entire IP, along with your website, can and
probably will be banned by the search engines eventually.