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Have you seen the advertisements for Andrew Tate’s new show, “The Real World”?

Discussing the machovibes article in which we came to know the new programme that Andrew Tate will debut in November has been developing since he was barred from the majority of social media.

Is The Real World a new curriculum completely, or is Hustlers University being rebranded?

We’ll be looking more closely at how the new system will provide his followers “the gateway to escape the matrix” in our therealworld.ai review in this machovibes article.

The Real World of Andrew Tate: A Review

Website: indieversal.com

Given that it has strong links to Hustler’s University, The Real World, Andrew Tate’s “new” curriculum can be considered a rebrand, according to NoBSIMReviews.

An online learning environment called Hustlers University offers classes that will teach you a few different methods to generate money online. Thousands of users that pay monthly use this platform.

In addition to offering online classes, Hustler’s University is meant to foster a feeling of community among its participants by bringing them together with people who share their interests.

Is Hustler’s University equivalent to The Real World?

According to Andrew Tate, Hustler’s University was the first step in his three-step plan. Making The Real-World Step 2 is the goal.

Hustler’s University and The Real World are connected. The following remark on the landing page clarifies this:

“Hustler’s University will have a learning environment entirely separate from the Matrix that you will see in this machovibes article.

We will be able to include wealth-generating techniques not previously covered in HU since the Real World will have an independent infrastructure free from sources of attack.

It appears that TRW will essentially be a new Hustler’s University that tries to distance itself from the mainstream IT service companies that Tate is so suspicious of. For instance, it is mentioned in a programme advertisement that TRW won’t employ “matrix-controlled servers” or payment processors and would instead use alternative banking systems.

While Andrew won’t try to stay on the air, The Real World will reportedly employ “self-reliant infrastructure.”

The Real World will also be on Telegram, which is more adaptable than HU, which has been running on Discord, as you have already seen in this machovibes article.

Tate should then be free to investigate forbidden subjects as a result.

Students at Hustler’s University will have access to The Real World.


The Real World is an authentic programme that teaches students how to generate money and gives them access to a network of people who share their interests. It is supposed to serve as a practical manual for adopting a transforming philosophy of living life to the fullest.

It is made for you if you no longer believe in the present educational system and seek alternatives to conventional educational settings like school and university.

As of the time of writing, The Real World has not yet made its formal debut, but you can guarantee that it will function very similarly to Hustler’s University, although on other platforms and with a different aesthetic.

It’s not coincidence that it happened soon after Tate was removed from almost all of the big social media platforms.

There isn’t much to say about TRW, but this book will be ideal for someone who agrees with Andrew Tate’s viewpoints.

Some important points are, thus, covered in this machovibes article.