Counter Tops – What Is Solid Surface?

Solid Surface counter-top products can be made from high-performance resin systems such as acrylic or unsaturated polyamide. These materials have a high level of filler and lack a gel coating. These materials are popular for wall panel applications but are mainly used in countertop applications.

Solid surface materials offer many design advantages. They can be machined in the exact same way as wood. However, special fabrics and equipment are needed. They can be precisely cut and bonded to fit almost any surface. You can easily remove any stains, scratches or chips by simply sanding the entire product solid surface reception counter.

There are many brands that sell solid surface materials, including Avonite, Fountainhead and Nevamar as well as Surell, Gibraltar, Transolid, Transolid, Fountainhead, Nevamar, Transolid and DuPont Corian. Solid surface materials are often also offered by small producers and fabricators. These materials are used in at least 12 percent of all kitchen construction jobs each year, according to an industry trade journal.

Staron offers solid surface countertops in low-maintenance solid acrylic options. Staron offers solid surface materials in 50 different colors and eleven different edge treatments. They also offer a growing variety of patterns. Solid surface materials can be bent or thermoformed with heat and are heat-resident and anti-bacterial. The material is available in three finishes: semi-gloss, high gloss and matte. Staron offers solid surface materials in 1/4″ and 1/2″ sheets in lengths of 145″ or 30″. They guarantee that seams will disappear after installation. Prices for solid surface materials vary depending on the option chosen. They range between $35.00 to $55.00 per square feet.

Solid-surface counter tops can also be custom-made to your exact length. This eliminates the possibility for seams. If you’re looking for a particular color or texture, solid-surface counter tops might be right for you. Solid-surface materials are available in almost every color imaginable. Solid-surface materials are unique because you can use the same material for your sinks. This allows them to seamlessly integrate with your counter tops. These products are best known by the names Swanstone and Corian.